Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Vietnam, Central Highlands

We have been digging through our Vietnam archives. This image, which has never been previously released was taken in 1995 in a small village in the Central Highlands between the towns of Buon Ma Thuot & Pleiku

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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Montenegro, Kotor

Wow, time flies!. Just realised that our last blog post was back in August. We had planned to loyally keep the blog up to date while we were in Europe for 6 weeks but after shooting images all day & everyday for 6 weeks, downloading images every night, intermittent wi-fi connections, and just because we were buggered (tired,knackered,exhausted) - it didn't happen.
Kotor old-town at dusk
Most of our time on this trip was spent in specific places that we'd been to many times as we were trying to complete projects that are in the pipeline however before our visit to the Frankfurt Book Fair we planned to spend 5 days in Kotor, Montenegro - a place we had never visited but had heard a lot about.

Now, we were under the illusion that getting to Kotor was fairly simple as it is not exactly that remote, just down the road from Dubrovnik really!. Well, we thought wrong. Our plans initially had us going there directly after Santorini, Greece in mid September which as far as we were concerned was still a pretty busy month in the Mediterranean. As time was of the essence, we just could not make it work on the dates we wanted (ferries to Bar on the coast had stopped by the end of August), so we moved our visit till the end of the trip sandwiched between Naples, Italy and the Frankfurt Book Fair. We still had to spend 5 hours at Belgrade airport for a connecting flight but the wait was worth it. 

Kotor is becoming a  popular cruise ship destination especially for vessels doing the well trodden Adriatic cruise ports of Venice, Dubrovnik, Bari & Corfu. The old-town gets a bit inundated with the usual cruise ship tour groups but if you hire a car and explore the surrounding region it is amazingly tourist free. The coastal areas around Budva are geared towards mass Eastern Bloc tourism, especially from Russia but a visit to the area around the island of Sveti Stefan is still worthwhile (although the island is now a 5 Star resort and you cannot visit, unless you can afford to stay there of course!).

Here are just a few of our images taken in Kotor & surroundings. We will be posting more images on our website soon or you can 'Like Us' on Facebook to see more stunning images of this destination including quite a few HDR images.

The old town of Kotor taken with a 8mm 180degrees fisheye lens
1400 steps to the top for spectacular views
Rooftops - Kotor old-town
View from the top - Kotor old-town is in the foreground
Early morning - Kotor
Perast and the small island "Our Lady of the Rocks" 
We highly recommend a visit to this wonderful region. Most people will visit Dubrovnik in Croatia and bypass this area altogether on their way to Greece or Italy, however if you spend a few days in Kotor you will not be disappointed.