Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bondi Photo Walk 2013

Wow, this year is really flying.  We've been slack again and haven't posted anything in a while. We have been madly editing our next book which should be selling in shops in Fiji by August. On top of that we have just produced another 10 postcards for the Kiribati Philatelic Bureau. And on top of that we have finally made the move to Mac, although we still run PC as well. More on the transition in another post.

We recently went on our first Photo Walk from Bronte Beach to Bondi. We'd never been on one of these before so weren't  sure what to expect. The event was hosted by American landscape photographer Colby Brown and local photographer Michael Sutton with sponsorship/support from +Google Australia, +Induro, +SmugMug, +f-stop, +Goal Zero, Samsung Camera & Custom DSLR.

We don't think that they expected the turnout they they got as it ended up breaking the world record for photo walks. An estimated 400 photographers/enthusiasts made it a somewhat congested walk for  a while, but surprisingly the group thinned out and by the time we reached Bondi we were almost alone. We must say that the event was extremely well organised and included snacks & water being provided by the sponsors.

Anyway, it was a great day and although I thought there would be a little more interaction with other photographers (most people kept to themselves! or maybe it was just us) it was definately worth it. 

Here are just a few of our images that were taken on the walk. 

View between Bronte & Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach Graffiti Art
View looking towards Bondi Beach
Arty Farty Rock
(well thats what we call it)
Afternoon shower over North Bondi

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Fiji Islands, Nadi

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you all have a happy & safe 2013.
Just edited this shot and thought we would share it. It was taken on one of our many trips to the Fiji Islands. The shot was taken overlooking Nadi Bay with a storm approaching. This is the same spot that was recently hit by Cyclone Evan. For anyone that's interested, this image is also for sale at  Hope you enjoy.