Friday, 22 May 2015

Fiji Book: Kokoda Recipe + Free eBook

Thought we would share one of our yummy recipes from our popular book "Fiji Islands -The Heart of the South Pacific." The book has been selling in Fiji at many resorts and all major retail outlets for just over a year now. As part of this blog post we have created a sample version of the eBook which you can download for free here.

Kokoda (pronounced ko-kon-da) is a Fijian fish dish and one of our favourites. Every visit to Fiji we make sure we eat it as often as possible. It utilises common ingredients of the islands which can be found in most supermarket and stores around the world.


  • 4 large fillets of white fish (such as mahi-mahi)
  • juice of 3 large limes
  • half teaspoon of salt
  • 1 cup fresh coconut cream
  • 1 large onion, finely diced
  • 1 small green chilli, seeds removed, finely diced
  • 2 medium tomatoes, seeds removed, finely diced
  • 1 capsicum, seeds removed, finely diced
  • 1 small cucumber, seeds removed, diced
  • 2 shallots, finely chopped
  • coriander leaves to garnish


Cut the fish into bite-size pieces.  In a glass or ceramic bowl, combine the fish, lime juice and salt. Cover and marinate overnight (12-24 hours) in the refrigerator. Drain the fish, reserving the liquid. When ready to serve add the coconut cream, chopped onion and chilli. If it looks a little dry add the reserved liquid.  Sprinkle the tomatoes, capsicum, shallots, cucumber and coriander over top and serve..

Heat Scale: Mild
Serves: 6-8 people (entrĂ©e size)

Full version of the eBook and hard copies are also available, if you would like to purchase your copy leave us a comment.  To view our images of this great destination why not check out our Fiji Islands Gallery.

If you make this dish please leave us a comment as we'd like to hear from you.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Promotion - Topaz Simplify

Starting Tuesday, May 19th 2015 Topaz Labs will be running a promotion on their plugin Topaz Simplify. The discount will be for 30% off, reducing the price to USD$27.99 till the end of May. The coupon code is: MAYSIMP . Make sure you enter the coupon code when purchasing to get the discount!

Topaz Simplify gives you the tools to easily and quickly create beautiful and unique digital art effects. From a coloring book effect to a graphic painting effect, Simplify has a wide array of artistic possibilities. Click on the image below to take you to the Topaz Simplify page. 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Travel Photography - Free eBook

We have just launched a FREE eBook titled "Travel Photography - 10 Tips to get you started". In the book we have shared some simple tips based on our combined experience of 5o years in the Travel Photography industry. Ideal for the beginner/amateur wanting to learn more about this genre of photography or anybody interested in Travel Photography in general. Over the coming weeks we will be launching a series of eBooks. To get your Free Copy click on the image below.

It would be great to hear any feedback you may have about the eBook so that we can make improvements to any future releases.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Sydney Photo Walk - May 2015

We have been having some shocking weather here in Sydney over the last couple of weeks. The Superstorm that we had almost 2 weeks ago left a trail of damage in many suburbs in the city. Since then almost every day has been gray, overcast or raining however this did not stop us going ahead with our Photo Walk on Saturday the 2nd May and although the attendance was small we obtained some great images of interior architecture throughout the city. 

Also, the HeadOn Photo Festival has commenced and we were able to combine this with our Photo Walk. As it turned out - it was a great day out and is a great example of the photographic opportunities even when the weather doesn't co-operate. Below are some of the images from the walk. 

A aerial view of the Food Court in Central Park complex, Sydney - Australia.
The interior of this complex had some great lines and perspectives.
Shot on the Sony A7r, 36mp mirrorless camera, FE 24-70 F4 lens
ISO400 - 70mm - F5.6 - 1/5sec
Another aerial view of the interior of Central Park complex, Sydney - Australia.
We titled this image "Mesmerised" in honour the the two subjects in the image. Once again we tried to capture a well balanced image containing lots of lines in the composition.
Shot on the Sony A7r, 36mp mirrorless camera, FE 24-70 F4 lens
ISO400 - 70mm - F5.6 - 1/30sec
This image was shot in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney, Australia.
We have photographed in this grand building many times however this time we wanted top capture the patterns in the stairwell with some movement in the elevator which adds a bit of emotion to the image.
Shot on the Sony A7r, 36mp mirrorless camera, FE 24-70 F4 lens
ISO1000 - 24mm - F11 - 0.5sec
This image was shot in Paddington Reservoir in Sydney, Australia.
We had never photographed here and only found it as it was housing one of the photo exhibits as part of the
HeadOn Photo Festival.
Shot on the Sony A7r, 36mp mirrorless camera, FE 24-70 F4 lens
ISO200 - 31mm - F11 - 0.5sec
We will be going out several times for the Vivid Light Festival here in Sydney later this month so if anyone is interested in joining us for this spectacular display of lights on some of Sydney's most iconic landmarks then drop us an email. Hope to hear from you...

Monday, 4 May 2015

Filters - The Polarizer

The essential filter for anyone that travels. Over the years we have worked a lot in the Pacific Islands and this filter practical lives on the lenses. It is great for images where you want to darken skies giving it more drama and emphasizing the clouds, to cut through reflections off glass, or reduce glare from the surface of water or the sea. It also saturates colours to make the scene more vibrant, especially blue skies, bodies of water and foliage. It is one of the few filters that has not really been properly replicated in software. 

They are available in standard filter sizes however you can also get slim versions which are a lot narrower and better for wide angle lenses (usually below 24mm) where vignetting can be a problem. The filters are quite expensive so ensure that you always keep them scratch free and clean. Here are some tips to using them -
  1. Always remove your UV(0) filter before attaching a Polariser as the combined filters may cause vignetting, especially on wide angle lenses.
  2. Really be careful when using the lens on very wide angle lenses. Incorrect use can leave you with uneven polarisation across the image which is hard to correct when editing.
  3. Great to use when you are shooting in low light and you want to get a slow shutter speed to blur motion such as a waterfall. If the shutter speed is not as slow as you want and you are already using a small aperture (F22) then a Polariser will reduce 2 more stops of light. For example - if you are shooting at F22 and your camera will only give you a 1 sec exposure, using a polariser will give you a 4 sec exposure. Naturally if you have ND (Neutral Density) filters then they would be a better alternative.
  4. The maximum effect of polarization is achieved when the lens is pointed about 90 degrees from the sun in any direction. If the sun is in front of you, or directly behind you and close to the horizon, you may not see the effect of polarization on the sky at all.
There are many great brands available to purchase however we have been using Hoya since the 80's and they have never let us down. Other brands include Lee, Tiffen, B+W and Heliopan.
These filters are absolutely indispensable for the Travel Photographer (and many other genres of photography) so make sure that it is at the very top of your list when starting out or buying a new lens with a different thread diameter. 

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